Concurrent meetings via Moodle

Hi, I have PRO Plan

i integrated my zoom account via JWT to my Moodle LMS
i add zoom meetings in my Moodle and my Moodle students can join to zoom meetings. There is no problem.
But i need planning concurrent zoom meetings in my Moodle.
For example i schedule 3 Zoom meetings in Moodle starting simultaneously for different 3 student class. (every meetings have different teachers and different students)
is it possible on 1 host PRO Plan ?
may i buy additional 2 host? (totally 3 host PRO Plan)
or what?
(what meaning is additional Host in PRO Plan? if i have 3 Host, is it meaning i can start 3 concurrent meetings?)
May you explain me?

Hey @bilgi,

Please see this article about concurrent meetings:

You can run concurrent meetings as long as you have a separate host for each meeting.

The host could be free if you are fine with your meetings only lasting 40 minutes. Otherwise you can make the hosts Pro users.