Conditional Access Policy - Zoom Rooms

I need your help to give very limited IP address so we can use them in conditional access policy.

Here are some articles to reference to what we are trying to do:

When you connect to our environment we need to know where we need to connect from, we need to know where they will log on from which IPs. Because we will need to use conditional access for that service account - we need to create a service account and the service account will be used by you Zoom to connect to the Zoom Rooms we have created

I am not quite sure if I really understood what you are trying to do.
Do you mean CONDITIONAL ACCESS = CA from MS Endpoint Manager/Intune?
If CA is here to protect M365 ressources like Exchange or Sharepoint. Not sure, what this has to do with ZOOM Rooms?
Pls explain in more detail, what you want to achieve.