REST API for group IP Address Access Control

I need to know if there is a REST API for extracting and setting the IP Address Access Control. We have a security need to only allow employees to download recordings from an onsite PC so we set the firewall ranges for all of our sites on the group. The problem is that our network team doesn’t always inform us when they add or update that list.

I want to automate the checking this list of addresses against our internally published list and, preferably update the list in Zoom but at the very least send an email to our group to have someone manually update it.

If I can’t get the IP addresses directly from the group another option would be to programmatically export the “Settings Snapshot” in the user activity reports, since the addresses are contained there as well.

Any thoughts or information would be appreciated.

Hey @jferguson,

At the moment, we don’t have an endpoint that allows you to set this information, though I can certainly appreciate your use case and will be happy to share this suggestion with my team.

If you need to access the Zoom IPs for whitelisting purposes on your end, you can retrieve these here:

We’re looking into making this information accessible via API in the future, though this isn’t available currently.

Let me know if this helps,