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Hello, we have such a scene in the development of the app: we need to identify the meeting links of Zoom, such as " ". The password for this link may have been encoded, and I wonder if the SDK can parse the password and how to do. In addition, in order to avoid users entering the password again when entering the meeting, we hope to join the meeting through the API of SDK called “joinMeetingWithJoinParam.” I wish you can tell me how to do that。Thank you very much!

Hi @ios_feifei, thanks for the post.

Can you please clarify which platform you are developing on so that we may properly advise?


Thanks @joi.lin.
My platform is iOS Mobile.

Hi, @jon.lieblich

Can the SDK parse passwords in links? Or is there any other way to parse the password?


Hey @ios_feifei,

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I believe once the password has been encoded like above, the SDK will prompt for the password regardless. Unfortunately, there is no way around this.