Join meeting via a URL that contains encrypted password

I am writing an Android app that needs to join a Zoom via a URL that contains an encrypted password. The MeetingService interface has two methods to join a meeting.

I assume I use the handZoomWebUrl method that accepts a meeting URL. However, I would like to the specify a display name as well as disable certain functions in meetings, which is possible if I used the joinMeetingWithParams method.

Hence, I have the following questions.

  • I can easily parse the meeting URL to obtain the meeting ID. Is there a method to decrypt the meeting password?
  • Are there methods (besides joinMeetingWithParams) to specify the display name and/or disable meeting functions.
  • Is there another way to join a meeting via a URL?

I am using version v5.0.24437.0708 of the Zoom’s Android SDK.

Hi @kkramer, thanks for using the devforum.

There is no need to decrypt the password. You may pass it in as-is to the params object. The joinMeetingWithParams method is going to be your best bet to join a meeting for your use case.


Thanks @jon.zoom for the quick response. The joinMeetingWithParams worked well for my use case. It was easy to parse the Zoom URL with Android’s Uri.parse(String uriString) method to obtain the meeting number and password to initialize the JoinMeetingParams’ argument’s properties.