Confusing "End meeting" message in the client for meetings ended with an API call

When a meeting is ended with the PUT /meetings/{meetingId}/status API call, the Windows and Android Zoom clients (but not the Linux client) display this message:
“This meeting has ended as someone has started a new meeting with this account”
Same thing happens if the End meeting button is clicked from the Zoom Account Management page.
This is mildly confusing for a guest end user, and definitely not true.
It would be much better if the message was similar to what appears when a Host ends a meeting:
“The meeting has been ended automatically” or something like that.

Apologies if that feature request doesn’t fit here, if not, feel free to suggest where should I submit this. Essentially it’s a Zoom client issue.

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Thank you for your thoroughness. I am sharing this feedback with our SDK team.

Is the above issue fixed ? I am able to reproduce the issue and wanted to confirm if this is fixed or WIP.