Connection between inMainClient and inMeeting app instances

Are there any connections between an inMainClient and inMeeting app instances? Do they share anything between each other? Cookies? Session? Are they treated like two separate tabs in a web browser being opened? Any clarification is appreciated.

@jose.jassojr Good question!

They are treated as two separate instances but you can communicate between them either using a Socket approach and/or with the Zoom Apps SDK using connect and postMessage.

More info here. I hope that helps! :slight_smile:

Hi @MaxM , thank you for responding! For some more context, it seems that if I have both an inMeeting and an inMainClient app open and I close one of them, it affects the other. Not sure exactly why it does but I’ve been able to deduce that that’s whats causing it.

@MaxM I think what happens is that when I close either one of the instances, it erases the session info for the other instance. Is that expected behavior?

@jose.jassojr I haven’t seen this in the past so I wouldn’t think that it’s expected but maybe this was a change made to the client. What version of the client and SDK are you using?