Performing actions after a meeting has ended

Zoom Apps Configuration
I’m currently researching possibilities, but would build a React Zoom App and a Node.JS service for server-side operations.

Details on your question, workflow or the problem you’re trying to solve.
Our app provides value in the post-meeting experience. We would need to either show a dialog after the meeting ends (or the user leaves), or navigate the user to the App panel in the Zoom client where we show our app there. Is either possible with the Zoom Apps SDK?

I see references to an ‘app running in the main client’ which the in-meeting app can communicate with, but it’s unclear what this main client app can do.

@dylanhusted Excellent question, this is definitely something you can do with the Zoom Client.

Using React

When it comes to React, we have an advanced sample application that uses React you can find on github:

Communicating Between App Instances

In regard to communicating with the in-client instance from the in-meeting app instance, you’ll want to reference the process in the in-client experience document you referenced.

Specifically, first you’ll call the connect() from the in-meeting instance of your app:

Here is an example of using this in our sample app

On Connect

You can then send your custom payload between instances using the postMessage() function in combination with the onMessage event listener:

On Message

Post Message

Tying it all together…

With those functions, you can post a message to the in-client instance from your in-meeting instance using the postMessage, OnMeeting and endSyncData functions:

I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks for the detailed answer @MaxM ! I see how we would pass payload data between the in-app instance and the client instance, which is quite helpful.

However, would the user need to manually navigate to the Apps tab in their client and then open our app there to see the page we will show with this payload data? It’s important for us that we alert the user after the meeting ends, rather than the user navigating to us.

So we would either need to show a dialog similar to the below ‘Your host ended the meeting’ notice, or navigate the user to the Apps panel and open our app their programmatically.

See image of dialog here: Screen-Shot-2022-10-12-at-3-20-20-PM — ImgBB

@dylanhusted When using the connect() and endSyncData() API your app will automatically be displayed in the client when the meeting ends. In other words, they’ll be prompted with your out of meeting app.

Hi @MaxM,

I was able to setup communication between the client and meeting instances by following the zoomapps-advancedsample-react. However, I am unable to get the ‘onMeeting’ event to work when the meeting window is closed (I would like to notify the client app that the meeting has ended but I am unable to send a message from the meeting app to the client app)

The app is built using ReactJS and I am using the zoomappsdk node package.

Thank you in advance!