Console app without user interaction to get users and meeting information (c#)

I am trying to create a c# console app that can run nightly without user interaction. The app needs to grab all user’s from the List users endpoint (/v2/users) as well as their meetings from the list meetings endpoint (/v2/users/{userId}/meetings). I am attempting to utilize the authorization code grant type, but cannot find the code within the (/oauth/authorize) response without a popup to use for the token endpoint (/oauth/token). Some c# examples would be very helpful if possible.

I have also tried the client credentials workflow, but seem to get the following error when I use the AccessToken from the (/oauth/token) endpoint to hit the list users endpoint (/v2/users): {

code :200,

message: Invalid api key or secret.


If you could please advise since you documentation kinda skips this step in with the test widget that would be greatly appreciated.

Hey @TaylorA,

Thanks for reaching out about this—While we don’t have a sample app in c#, I’m happy to help point you in the right direction.

First, I noticed you mentioned trying the client credentials workflow for OAuth, and I wanted to clarify that if you’re calling the Zoom APIs via the OAuth App Type you must use: grant_type=code to get an access_token . (Client credentials flow is intended only for our Chatbot functionality—this may be why you’re getting that 200 error).

Alternatively, if you’re calling the Users and Meetings endpoints only, you may prefer to use a JWT App Type to call the Zoom APIs, as these endpoints don’t require you to user OAuth.

More details on Zoom App Types here .

I hope this information is helpful, but let me know if you have additional questions!


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