User meeting details and ZAK token using C# SDK

I’m building a windows application using the C# Zoom SDK. I’m using version SDK

I have the following requirements

  1. Get all details of the user meetings, so how do I authenticate the user in Zoom C# SDK and get all his/her meeting information?
  1. How to get the ZAK token for that user in Zoom C# SDK

If C# SDK does not support this functionality, what is the URL for OAuth redirect in case we wish to use Zoom’s Rest API to retrieve meeting details?

Hi @parimisatya30,

User authentication is not done through the SDK, but rather through Zoom OAuth. For more information on Zoom OAuth, please see our documentation. If you have any questions related to implementing OAuth, you can use the #api-and-webhooks:authentication category.

To get a user’s ZAK, you will need to use the REST API with the access token you obtained from OAuth. If you run into any issues with this, you can use the #api-and-webhooks category.


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