Consultation on limits

I would like to get advice on limits.
We are developing an application that collects data (meetings) of employees working in client companies. The average size of a client company is 10,000 - 30,000 employees, each employee participate in about 5-10 meetings per day. We collect data evenly by employees (for 2 weeks in the past, for a month in the past, etc.). We use application to get access to zoom data of our clients. How do limits work in this case? How can we make one application for many client companies and not go beyond the limits? We don’t want to block others with the load on one client. We need to load the data of all clients equally.

Hi @kate.shutova , it depends on the API endpoints you expect to use as some are more intensive than others.

Additionally, you can apply for a higher rate limit if justified :slight_smile:

This is outlined here: Zoom Developer Docs