Rate Limits - Which ones apply?


Can someone explain the Api rate limits? Example Api:

On the page it clearly says:

This API has a daily rate limit of 100 requests per day. Therefore, only 100 Create a Meeting API requests are permitted within a 24 hour window for a user.

On same page it has a Rate Limit label of Medium.

On the Rate limit page

Medium 20 requests/second 60 requests/second

So what is the limit for creating a meeting? 100 meetings a day OR 20 requests/second or a hybrid?


Hi @mike2, this is a user-level daily limit, not an account-level rate limit for the API.

During one 24 period (resetting 00:00 UTC) 100 meetings can be created or updated for one individual userID (user) regardless of date.

Accounts and apps have no limit on the number of meetings they can schedule. So, an account has no daily limit, but individual users do.

This is in place for user security to prevent a third-party application (which they have authorized) from abusing their scheduling permissions to bulk-create meetings or update them frequently.

Let me know if I can provide additional clarity.

Hi @michael.harrington,

I think thats clear. Just to make sure:

Our account level app can create as many meetings as we want as long as:

  • we submit requests within the allowed spec: Medium 20 requests/second 60 requests/second
  • we don’t create more than 100 meetings for a particular user (zoom meeting host) in a 24 hour window.

Is that right?


@mike2 Yep! That is correct.