Controlling cloud-recording settings from Zoom App

I’m developing a Zoom App which will trigger a cloud-recording of the current meeting. I need to control settings for this recording (such as, whether there are separate audio tracks for each participant; whether the view is Gallery View or Speaker View; etc. - settings the user controls via, under the “Recording” tab).

As best I can tell from the docs, the way to accomplish this is:

  1. Update the current user’s settings via a PATCH request to /users/me/settings - for example, change the values of cloud-recording-related settings such as recording.record_gallery_view to whatever they need to be changed to
  2. Start the cloud recording by executing await zoomSdk.cloudRecording({ action: "start" })
  3. Stop the recording by executing await zoomSdk.cloudRecording({ action: "stop" })
  4. Via another PATCH request to /users/me/settings, return the settings I changed in #1 above to whatever their initial values were.

Is that the best way to handle changing cloud-recording settings just for one meeting? It feels like a hack - I just want to specify settings for one particular recording perhaps by specifying settings as part of my call to zoomSdk.cloudRecording()), not mess with the user’s settings. Am I missing something?

(A simple, related question: we have zoomSdk.cloudRecording(), but don’t seem to have an equivalent for starting and stopping local recordings. Is it not possible for a Zoom App to trigger local recordings?)


@avocado876 Thanks for your detailed question. Those steps are the best way to accomplish what you want. The only change I would make is to leave the cloud recording option enabled while your app is installed.

The Zoom Apps JS SDK is designed to interface with the Zoom Client but does not provide control over the user account. You’ll want to use the API to make changes to the account.

We don’t currently have a function to support local recording but participants can start it.

Many thanks Max. I’ll try this out and report back here if I have any issues taking the steps I noted. Thanks again!

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@avocado876 I’m glad to hear that helped!