Copy/Paste from local to remote during a Remote Control session

Not sure if I am posting this at the right place, apologies if not.

We would like to know if you plan to add a copy/paste feature on the Desktop Client so that an IT support person doing a remote control session on a screen sharing of a User needing help can copy commands from his/her local machine and paste them on the remote.

That’s something Teamviewer allows for instance with the Clipboard Sync:

Thank you very much!


This had been working in prior versions of Zoom, just noticed it isn’t working like it used to. We also need to be able to copy/paste from Local to remote to setup things quickly in a professional recording session use case. Can you please let us know if there was a change or a preference someplace to check to allow the local clipboard to be pasted to the remote screen shared and controlled by local computer?

@dave3 also having the same issue here where I used to be able to copy/paste local to remote but no longer am able to. Please let me know if you figure out how to do it again, because it really messes up my workflow.

Ditto. I chose Zoom over many other solutions, pre-pandemic, specifically because of its flawless copy/paste both from local to remote, and from remote to local. Most other solutions either blocked copy/paste or only worked one direction, local to remote or vice versa.

I am extremely disappointed that the functionality has been spotty, or just outright broken, for months now. If no solution or workaround is found there is very little reason to keep Zoom for our team or corporate solution.