Using the Clipboard Web API in our Zoom App

Hey all, I am wondering: have any other Zoom Apps developers utilized the Clipboard Web API in their app?

I’m trying to allow our hosts to share the meeting link with one-click by using navigator.clipboard.writeText(), but I get navigator.clipboard is undefined… wondering if this is a property of Zoom’s embedded browser or if I’m doing something wrong :thinking:


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@om7 Currently, the clipboard isn’t available to zoom apps but you can submit a request through our ideas portal.

Ran into the same issue with the clipboard. @om7 lmk if you submit and I will +1 it.

FYI @jonathan.crockett, we used the deprecated document.execCommand() (Document.execCommand() - Web APIs | MDN) to copy to the clipboard, not recommended as a web standard but it works for now :sweat_smile:


That’s great to know that’s an option. Thanks!

Thank you for sharing that work around @om7!