Correct way to logout after success OAuth

I have integrated Zoom OAuth in the MacOS app (with Zoom Meeting SDK).

Where the app is redirected the user to the browser and the browser is redirected the user back to the application if the auth is success.

But I have a question about logout: what is the correct way to logout?

There are two endpoints:

  1. POST:
    Account in browser is still active after this request. And user isn’t showed Zoom’s OAuth ways page (Google, FB, etc), just signing in automatically.

  2. DELETE:{userId}/token
    User is showed Zoom’s OAuth ways page (Google, FB, etc) even after reauth (and that’s what I want), BUT this request initiate logout from ALL clients where I was logged in.

Maybe there is one more way to logout?

Hi @anton.yereshchenko,

The SDK does not have a concept of being logged in anymore since a ZAK is provided for each meeting join/start, so this question is probably better suited for the #api-and-webhooks category. :slightly_smiling_face:


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