ZoomSDK.shared()!.getAuthService()!.logout() returning ZoomSDKError(rawValue: 4)


I am able to login correctly onZoomSDKAuthReturn with ZoomSDKAuthError_Success
But the same when I try to logout It shows me this error
Is returning ZoomSDKError(rawValue: 4)

what are the other details required from my end kindly let me know

Hi @niravd, thanks for the post.

Please note that I have moved your post over to the #desktop-meeting-sdk:macos category as this is a question about the Meeting SDK and not the Video SDK. :slightly_smiling_face:

Regarding the error you are seeing, most commonly this error code (ZoomSDKError_WrongUsage) indicates that you are not logged in at the time of trying to log out. Can you please verify what the login status is at the time you are calling this method by checking the onZoomSDKLoginResult callback?


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