Correct way to use meeting UUID

I am studying the API on a Pro account (Not my current login) and I got an meeting id 483110366 which ended recently. I need to get the participants’ join time and leave time in a meeting with registration enabled.

By using the get meeting API:

[GET] /v2/meetings/483110366

I got the UUID “GRzt7/56S7Orj+NybzFHaA==”.

Then I tried to get the participants report by using both meeting id and the UUID:
[GET] /v2/report/meetings/483110366/participants

Result: {“page_count”:1,“page_size”:30,“total_records”:5,“next_page_token”:"",“participants”:…}

[GET] /v2/report/meetings/GRzt7%252F56S7Orj%252BNybzFHaA%253D%253D/participants

Result: {“code”:3001,“message”:“Meeting ID is invalid or not end.”}

However, if I query the Meeting Detail Report API with the meeting id …
[GET] /v2/report/meetings/483110366

I got the UUID “PGAY/UtlRV6KhqjintelgQ==” which does not match with the get meeting API.

Then I tried put that UUID in the participant report…
[GET] /v2/report/meetings/PGAY%252FUtlRV6KhqjintelgQ%253D%253D/participants

Result: {“page_count”:1,“page_size”:30,“total_records”:5,“next_page_token”:"",“participants”:…}
I can successfully got the result.

I just want to prevent getting incorrect participant report result due to the possibility of repeat use of meeting id, but it seems that the UUID must be retrieved from the detail report by using the meeting id.
Why there are two different UUIDs for the same meeting? What is the correct way to handle the meeting UUID?

Hey @samyu, thanks for posting and using Zoom!

Before a meeting starts, the meeting has a meetingUUID, and after the meeting starts, it generates an updated meetingUUID.

The reason you are getting this error is because the report endpoints are only for meetings that have already ended.

You can easily get the updated meetingUUID once the meeting ends via the Meeting Ended Webhook.

Let me know if that clears things up! :slight_smile:


It’s clear. Thanks~!

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Happy to help!

Let us know if you have additional questions! :slight_smile: