Could we have a free account for the Video SDK?

For testing purposes, we need to have an account for Video SDK.

Could we free a temporary account or could we use the account for Meeting SDK?

Could somebody answer the question above? We want to investigate Video SDK to know if it meets our needs.

Thank you!

I don’t think so. I have to subscibe to a tarif.

Hi @pavloshchur ,

For the Video Web SDK you sign up for free and get 10,000 minutes free each month. This has been ample for me to complete development. You only pay per minute over the 10,000 minutes each month.

Note that two users in a session for 10 minutes counts as 20 minutes, for three it would be 30 minutes used, and so on. So make sure you end the sessions each time, not leaving tabs open to a connected session.

Also, if there’s just one user in the session and no one else ever joins (still super useful for testing) no minutes are used from you 10,000 allocated.

Hope that helps!


Hi @nickuk,

Thank you for the reply. I have tried to find an option to set up a free developer account for Video SDK but in vain.

For instance, I have used this link: Buy it now - Zoom.

Could you tell me which link you have used to set up a free developer account for Video SDK?

Hi @pavloshchur,

When I go to the link you posted I get two options ‘Pay As You Go’ and £800 a year in which it’s the pay as you go option. Are you already logged in? If you are, what do you see on that page if you log out?


I see the following content (I am logged out):

It’s the ‘Pay As You Go’ option you will want to select. That includes 10,000 minutes free, before then being charged $0.0035 per minute after that. Like I say, you shouldn’t use up all that for testing purposes if you’re being careful. I developed the entire application and didn’t come close to using up all the minutes.

After entering a personal information I am force to log in with provided by me email and after that I receive the following error:

It believe the problem is that I log in by a developer account for Meeting SDK.

@MaxM @tommy Are there some guide how to set up a developer account for Video JS SDK?

Hi @pavloshchur ,

Try signing up for a new account rather than logging in and using an existing account. I’m pretty sure I had to do the same, not sure why, but probably something @tommy might want to have looked into.



Yes, creating a new account resolves the issue.

Happy to hear you got it sorted @pavloshchur . :slight_smile: Thanks for your help here @nickuk , @ol_mas .

Here are instructions on how to create a Video SDK account (different then a Zoom User account):


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