Countdown timer

every speaker at a meeting has an allotted time (countdown time), is it possible to show it? I didn’t want to use the share screen feature.


Hi tdgpcnord,

Thanks for the post. Which countdown are you referring to? And which SDK are you using?


Hi carson,
now I don’t use a timer, I want to use it and ask how to implement it

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Hi tdgpcnord,

May I ask which timer are you referring to? I do not recall any timer showing in the meeting UI and our SDK does not provide any interfaces for timers. If you would like to implement a customized timer on top of the meeting UI, it is not supported in the Zoom default UI. If you are using Custom UI, you have the full control of your UI so you may add it.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Interesting. I am the Zoom administrator here at my company. I am not a coder. But I just had a user ask me for a count down timer as well. The idea being that the host of a meeting could see time remaining on the meeting. When it hit zero I could say “OK we’re out of time, bye everyone”

Another interesting use case would be that during a meeting I say “OK Steve, you have 5 minutes to cover your topic” then I could start a 5 minute count down timer that I as the meeting host could see those 5 minutes counting down. In a perfect world the speaker at the time, Steve in this case, could also see that his 5 minutes is counting down. Are there any plans for something like this? Remember, I’m not a coder, I just want a button someplace that I can hit.


Hi PMacKay,

Thanks for the post. Currently we do not have any features like this in the Zoom client. What you are mentioning is possible if you are developing with our Zoom SDK using Custom UI. If you would like to have this feature in the regular Zoom client, please submit feedback at