Create meeting and join meeting

Hi, im new. i want to build my website using zoom for meeting.
I want to create a meeting. assign people to join.
I start create an jwt to embed zoom in my website using web SDK (can i you web SDK to create a meeting?)
I create OAuth to using API create meeting
I confuse, did i do right?
Any one can help me to answer?
Thank you so much

Hi @tranvuong1803,

You’re on the right path, you can use OAuth app to create meetings and use the meeting IDs to start/host or join meetings within the WebSDK. Please keep in mind two things

  1. The OAuth app has to be within the same account to start/host meetings, otherwise you will join as a participant.
  2. The WebSDK cannot create meetings, you will have to use an OAuth or JWT type app to create meetings using the API.

Let us know if you have any other questions.


Thank for answer me @Michael_Purnell .
I have another question is, can i get all user join meeting when meeting end, and get how long they join the meeting? i want to get it for my report? which api i can use?

And another question
My web application have many user, if i upgrade my zoom account to bussiness, can i create multi meetings with one OAuth app using client_id and client_secret?

@tranvuong1803 Hi bro, did u start/ host meeting with using zoom api ? could you explain it to me. I’m new in zoom api. I created JWT and SDK account type app in my account. I’m using the example provided on github ( and trying to connect to a meeting. But showing same error . how can i solve it ?

web SDK and JWT only for join the meeting, if the meeting are running, copy the /j/{idmeeting}&{password}
to sample you can join

Thanks for your replay @tranvuong1803

How can i start/ host the meeting with zoom api ? if there is any opinion ?

read here bro

Hi @manishkumarmm93,

You can start the meeting by having the host click the start_url from the create meeting response.

@tranvuong1803 Thanks for your replay. i had successfully join the meeting . Thanks for your help

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@Michael_Purnell Thanks for the replay. could you give any sample examples

@manishkumarmm93 how u join meeting? i have trouble when use signature generate from serverside. Can not use serverside signature to join meeting with web sdk

@tranvuong1803 I’m currently using Web SDK sample app with JWT account Type. using with two functionality



i dont want to use ZoomMtg.generateSignature() because enduser will see API_secret key. so i generate signature from server

@tranvuong1803 Thanks for your kind full information. I will try server side signature.when I generating a signature from server, I have any doubt i will ping you


thank bro
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@tranvuong1803 I read it . But i partially understood it. So can u provide a simple understanding solution


@Michael_Purnell Can i create meeting with JWT account type ? how can i create access token by JWT

any suitable solution ?

Hi @manishkumarmm93,

Here are some articles about JWT and how to create an access token. Let me know if this helps.

1 -
2 -


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Thanks for the help. I had created a meeting using Start_Url field in the response of Meeting API. It will redirect to the zoom interface when the meeting starts.

My requirement is to make it on my own web interface and stay there till the end. Is that possible? Or do we need to redirect the user to zoom website always to start or join the meeting?

Actually, we have the following requirements :

  1. When a user comes to our website, we will be providing an option to click a button. A meeting will be created in which other participants can join. This will be a one-to-one meeting.
  2. Can we have multiple meetings at same time?
  3. One other options we would like to have is to provide our customers an option to embed a widget in their website and their users can start using the video chat. So, basically, we will be like a reseller of this.

Could you please let me know what plans (with pricing) will be suitable for this? And also regarding the feasibility of the above?