Create Meeting Issue - Invalid Token


I’m using this sequence to create meeting in APIs, using free account:

1- invoke refresh_token (/oauth/token?grant_type=refresh_token), to get a new access_token
2- invoke create meeting (/v2/users/me/meetings), using the above access_token

I can only create meeting once, calling above APIs again fails with “invalid token” error.
I’ve to reinstall the App, generate a new code, then get a new refresh_token

Please advise

Hi @Doaa,

How long are you waiting when you attempt to send your next request? Note that an access_token is valid for 1 hour only. Are you reauthorizing the app in the meantime? This would invalidate previous tokens as well.

Let me know—thanks,

Hi @will.zoom,

Thanks for your reply.

Yes, the access_token expires in 1 hour, so we re-authenticate again using the refresh_token:

Now the problem is we only authenticate one time using the refresh_token, trying to authenticate again gives this error:
“reason”: “Invalid Token!”,
“error”: “invalid_request”

Unfortunately, i cannot upload screenshot of Postman request

Hi @Doaa,

I can see you’ve been in touch over email, so I will work with you directly there.


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