Create Meeting v2 API - add attendees / participants

Hey Guys, I am trying to create an instant meeting with the v2 API and actually add a list of attendees at the same time. I see the option to add meeting registrants but I am not clear on how an attendee vs registrant differs and whether the later is only designed for recurring meetings.

Any pointers appreciated.


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Hello, i’m working on the same feature i think. I need to only allow joining users with a certain Email and disable the Join directly fom the Meeting ID. I don’t know much about attendee vs registrant but I tried to add a registrant via API but i’m getting this error:

Client error: POST [{meeting\_id}/registrants]({meeting_id}/registrants`) resulted in a 400 Bad Request response:
{“code”:200,“message”:“Only available for Paid user: {id of admin user registered on my zoom account}”}

Do you have any idea on the matter?

Thank you!

Can it be that i need a Pro plan? I’m on Free plan now.

@Cam, if you want to use meeting registration feature, please create a scheduled meeting or a recurring meeting with fixed time.
Attendee - The person who has attended the meeting.
Registrant - The person who has registered the meeting.

Unfortunately the answer given is unclear, and I believe inaccurate. I’ll try to clarify based on what I know about Webinars.

Answer given was:
     Attendee - The(sic) person who has attended the meeting.   
     Registrant - The(sic) person who has registered the meeting. 

A registrant is a person who has “requested” or “registered” an intent to attend a meeting.  Registrants can be automatically allowed, or manually allowed/denied via the API and the Web UI (and meeting configuration).

A registrant who is “allowed” is an attendee  and will have a unique link to join the meeting/webinar.  Accepted registrants can be automatically sent email reminders with a unique attendance link. After a meeting has ended, Attendees include those who actually attended, and those who missed the meeting. Emails can be sent separately to these two categories.

It’s actually more complicated than that, however, as there is also the notion of " Users" ( and I don’t understand the distinctions. Users have passwords.


How would be an example for this creation through the REST API, creating a scheduled meeting that accepts registrants?

Hi @famorim,

You can use the create meeting API to create a meeting (Please make sure that the registration type is not 1), and then in settings, set the approval type to 0 (if you want to automatically approve participants) or 1 (if you want to manually approve participants).

If you need to have registration for a meeting via api, you need to have the meeting type as 8 (Recurring Meeting with fixed time), and then in settings, you need to add the registration type.

Let me know if this helps.


Hi @Ojus,

I understood what you had explained, but this isn’t what I need.

I do not want a recurrent meeting, just a scheduled meeting (2), because it needs to happen only once. However, I want to be able to register people to this scheduled meeting, since I want that only the registered participants have permission to enter.

If this isn’t possible, how can I do it for a scheduled meeting? Since the approval type for it always go back to 2, after creating the meeting?

Fernando K. G. A.


Quick question: is your Zoom account a free one ? If yes, then the API will return the approval type as 2.


Yes, it is. Okay, so please, I would suggest to insert this kind of information in the documentation of the API if possible.

Thanks for answering my question,
Fernando K. G. A.

Hi @famorim,

We’ll update our documentation. Let us know if you need anything else.


I am running into this issue!

I have a PRO account.

I have created a meeting with the following settings
type of 2 (scheduled).
approval_type 1 (manually approve)
registration_type 2 (must register for each occurrence).

When I attempt to add a registrant to the meeting… I get a 200 success… but the body of the response is NULL!

Did i set my meeting up incorrectly?

Hey @tmswartz12,

Can you share your request url and body so I can debug?


Hey Tommy!

I was able to resolve this. I will check my commit history to see if I included the bug in a commit message / pull the body for you.

Apologies for my delayed response. Longgg work day!



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Hey @tmswartz12,

Happy to hear you resolved it! :slight_smile:


when adding attendees to a meeting. Is it correct that we trigger an email being sent to them via the zoom api with link details to meeting etc.

if so how to do this? otherwise we need to manually send this to them using our own mail solution?


please ignore this… email was triggered automatically

Hi @gpsimmo glad you figured it out, let us know if there’s anything we can help with! :slight_smile: