How to add participants in the created meeting?


I have created a meeting, now I want to add participant in the created meeting, how I can achieve it .
Please provide me the solution for it.

One doubt, Can we add participant when we are creating the meeting through Zoom API.

Pleas tell me how can send the participants details in request body of API:-


“waiting_room”: true,
“action”: “end”,

Hi @nikita.pandey, to add an upcoming participant to a meeting, add them as a Registrant using the Add Meeting Registrant API. This can be manually or automatically approved, and will send unique join URLs to each registrant based on the settings you provide.


Thank you for respond.

But I have one doubt :-

I have create a meeting then I am adding registrant through Add meeting Registrant API but when I am sending my request it throwing an error as:-

“code”: 300,
“message”: “Registration has not been enabled for this meeting: 96456969630.”

So, Please tell me why this error is coming???

As I have gone through the certain links, they telling that it is for PRO plan only.
For Free plan can I use this or not.

Is there any other way to add participant in the meeting without using Add meeting Registrant API ???

Please respond as soon as possible.

Hi @nikita.pandey use of the REST API is supported for Pro+ accounts, there are some features of the API which may be limited to Basic accounts.

Hi, @michael.harrington
Ok Thanks, I got it.

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Hi, Can anyone share the code to call the API to register the attendees for a meeting?


Let us know if you have additional questions @nikita.pandey! :slight_smile:


Hey @trichy,

You can see code examples for every Zoom API endpoint on our docs: