Create scheduled meeting not setting correct start_time


I am creating a scheduled meeting, type=2, and setting the timezone to sydney and passing my start_time as requested in API docs and it is showing up for user here in australia 10h in the past.

  1. My raw scheduled time is from moment js (eg “2019-05-29 10:30:00+10”) so i convert it to iso: moment(scheduledTime).toISOString()
  2. my request is POST /users/{userId}/meetings:
body: {
 type: 2,
 topic: 'blah',
 start_time: "2019-05-29T00:30:00.929Z",
 duration: 30,
 timezone: "Australia/Sydney",

When I login to my zoom account/app here in Australia the meeting start_time is showing as 12.30am and it should be 10.30am. If I dont specify the timezone the same thing happens??

Can anyone explain please.


Solved this, dont use toISOString(), use moment timezone:

start_time: moment(scheduledTime).tz('Australia/Sydney').format(),
timezone: 'Australia/Sydney',

Hi @accesstelehealth,

Glad that your issue was resolved. Please let us know if you have any questions.