Start_time not working for Meeting scheduled today

I am creating a meeting using zoom_api. I am setting the start_time, but it is picking up current time or created_at time.


  • When I try with a start_time of 2 hours in future, it is picking the created_at time as start_time. Code for this as follow -
          :headers => {
            "Authorization" => "Bearer #{author.zoom_integration_access_token}",
             "Content-Type" => "application/json"
           :body => {
            "topic" => "#{meeting_name}",
            "type" => 2,
            "start_time" => ( + 2.hours).utc.strftime("%Y-%m-%dT%I:%M:%SZ"),
            "settings" =>  {
              "host_video" => true,
              "participant_video" => true,
              "join_before_host" => true
          :format => :json
  • When I am keeping everything same and changing start_time to 1 day in future (as following), It is working fine. -

    { “start_time” => ( + 1.days).utc.strftime("%Y-%m-%dT%I:%M:%SZ") }

In short if start_time is of today it is not working correctly and if start_time is any date in future it is working fine.

Note: I am using ruby language here.

Attaching a screenshot for the converted date-time format in both the cases.

Could you please look into this as soon as possible?

Hey @rahul5,

When you send this same request in Postman, are you having the same issue? Additionally, what time zone are you in?

Can you also try removing the ‘Z’ from your start time and use your local timezone:

Let me know how this goes—thanks!

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