Create Webinar API - on demand setting is not working

When we set on demand to true through create webinar API, it doesn’t actually work. it always stays false. Is this a bug? Are there any alternatives to fix this? I know its possible to set On demand to true from UI, but our requirement is to set this from API.

Hi @hkmuthyala
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum and welcome to our community, I am happy to help here!

Allow me some time to troubleshoot this behavior.

Hi there!
I just wanted to update you about this issue. I have been able to replicate this behavior on my end. I created an internal ticket with our Engineering team (ZOOM-372658) and will come back to you once I have more information.


Hi @hkmuthyala
Thanks for your patience while I worked on this issue.

I had a typo in my request and that’s why I was able to replicate the behavior you are reporting.
Could you please try again and pass the following request body:

“topic” : “Testing On demand Webinar”,
“type”: 5,
“start_time” : “2022-06-13T09:00:00Z”,
“settings” : {
“auto_recording” : “cloud”,
“approval_type” : 0,
“on_demand” : true

Let me know if this helps