Creating Meeting SDK is missing SDK Credentials

We created Meeting SDK but the SDK Credentials are missing from the App Credentials Tab.

@e-fillers ,

could you share your screenshot of what you see?


We are updating our documentation shortly.

We have recently published some changes to consolidate the different credentials (SDK and Client) into a single credentials (Client) to enhance the developer experience.

Could you try using Client ID as SDK Key, and Client Secret as SDK Secret?

The goal is to reduce the amount of credentials which the developer needs to handle

using client id as sdk key doesn’t work. when I tried to use it for the sample web app, it has error saying "Api key length error, must 22/36’ while the ‘client id’ is only 21 length.

@AICamp_US ,

Client ID should have 22 characters. I’ve just checked my subscription, and confirm that it has 22 characters

Do let me know if you see otherwise, and I’ll investigate this further.


Mine has only 21 characters, I counted many times.

@AICamp_US i also get the same problem, where i can find the sdk key and the sdk secret?

they found a bug on this and will fix it in next release.

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