Creating user via Zoom API / PHP


I’m working on a wordpress website and just installed the “Video Conferencing with Zoom” plugin which allows to create users and meetings.

To test it, i created a user with my email address (corresponding to an existing Zoom account as well) and it worked well as i could create meetings and invite people.

But, if i want to create a new user, which has no existing Zoom account, and providing all required data (email address, name and type), here is the JSON response :

  • action “create” : “no privilege” -> what does this mean and how to fix it ?
  • action “autoCreate” : “invalid parameter : password” -> there is no way to add a password value anywhere

So I don’t understand the point of creating a user if it can only be with my own email address and account…

How does the “no privilege” error can be fixed ?
I’m currently using a JWT app and credentials, and its status is activated.
I guess you don’t know this specific WP plugin i’m using but i think the bug doesn’t come from it but from permissions or privileges on my account/app.

As you understand, my goal is to allow my members to create their Zoom user “on the fly” (even if they have to validate their account through email) and create a meeting on their behalf (that they will have to initiate afterwards).

Hey @mmarce,

Do you have a Pro or above plan? A pro or above plan is required to create users.

Due note the requirements for using autoCreate: