Add Zoom user when WordPress User creation completed


Hello, I’m trying to make this API work with a membership site. When someone signs up for an account on my site I want a Zoom user to be created.

I’m also trying to make it so that the Zoom UserID is linked to the WordPress account, I’m assuming by email used to sign up, so that whenever someone is signed in to my WordPress site, they will only see their meetings, but will not be required to log in to Zoom because they’ve already logged into the website.


Hi Ryan, 

When someone signs up on your site you can take their email and call the create-a-userAPI and store their Zoom info. From then, after they login again you can use their Zoom ID call our other APIs such as create a meeting or list meetings.



Hello Michael, 

Thanks so much for the quick response! So, if someone logs in I can grab the current user ID and by then I get the email. I can do this by using get_current_user_id() and get_userdata(). But isn’t the Zoom User ID a string of random letters and numbers? Would I just make a check that the WordPress current user email is equal to the Zoom User’s email?

Will this work if I’m doing a custCreate with the API Plan?


Hi Ryan, 

Yes, if someone logs in you can get both their ID and email from the response, then compare the Zoom and Wordpress emails. Yes, the user ID is a character string and can work if you use the custCreate using the API plan.