Creating waiting room using zoom sdk

MyWaitJoinActivity is not getting invoked.
I have taken the example from example package and trying to create 
waiting room.

How can we invoke MyWaitJoinActivity to display customized waiting room?

My Android.xml

\<activity android:name="com.main.zoomtest.sdkexample.MyWaitJoinActivity"
 android:theme="@style/ZMTheme.MainWindow" \>
 \<action android:name="com.main.zoomtest.sdkexample.intent.action.JoinBeforeHost" /\>
 \<category android:name="android.intent.category.DEFAULT" /\>


Hi Rahul,

MyWaitJoinActivity is showing as the join before host view not waiting room feature, it will be show when you try to join a meeting which disabled "Join before host" feature in meeting setting.
Please check the meeting setting.


Thank you for your response. I have achieved what i was looking for…

I have another things to ask. 

Like you have showLeaveDialog() , which will ask for confirmation from user.

I want to the user should get disconnected from meeting after certain period of time automatically without asking the confirmation.

Is it possible to do it? Then let me know.


Hi Rahul,

please take a look at the 

| `removeUser(long userId) method.``` |