Creating zoom app that get stream live data

i want to develop new add-on or zoom application that can provide new features using zoom platform.

i need to get audio live stream - how can i get it via your api?


Hey @sharon,

Currently the only way to do this out of the box is with custom live streaming:


Can we get more info on how to do this? What is Zoom expecting as a response from this URL that we provide and what is the data that is sending? How can we capture this?

I’ve been researching all day to find a way to be able to capture the audio and video from a zoom meeting, save it and or play it in a player on a website. If you can please give us a bit more info on how to do this it would be much appreciated!

Thank you!

Hey @razvan.iacoob,

Are you wanting to get the live stream, or an ended meeting/webinar recording?