Creating Zoom Apps

I’ve been trying to get access to create a Zoom app since the day of the July announcement.

Posted in the “Marketplace Apps” forum but no reply from anyone at Zoom and it’s been 10 days so I’m not sure if that specific forum is monitored, posting here for visibility. (How to create in-meeting Zoom App (originally asked in July) - #3 by Evolross)

I also asked about this in chat during the Zoomtopia developer keynote on Monday and was told to email developer support, but no reply or acknowledgement there either.

Are Zoom Apps simply only open to those who purchase the paid developer support? It’s difficult as a small bootstrapped startup to go through that path.


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Thank you Sam. There’s several of us waiting. In the meantime, Webex’s app hub is wide open and launching soon.

All I can do is bump for visibility each day until Zoom decides to bless us with a response.

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Hi @samdoeswork @Evolross,

Thanks for your interest in Zoom Apps! These are not yet available for General Availability for developers, but they’ll be coming soon. Please stay tuned to our Marketplace threads for updates as we have them: