How to create in-meeting Zoom App (originally asked in July)

I posted asking for access to create Zoom Apps on July 22nd, the old thread is here: How to create in-meeting Zoom App - #4 by Evolross

Have I missed an update or is this still pending?

If this is not GA in the short-term, can you consider adding people who’ve been waiting to the beta?


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I am also interested in hearing when it will be possible for any developer to build a Zoom app.

The Zoom representative posted this link in @samdoeswork’s original post: Zoom Apps | Zoom
From there I click “Learn More” and then “Build App”.

I see I can create these types of apps: “JWT, OAuth, SDK, Webhook Only, Chatbot”
Are any of those for building in-meeting Zoom Apps?

Thank you!

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I still haven’t heard anything. :confused:

@will.zoom can we get access to whatever state it’s in - doesn’t matter if the docs aren’t super polished etc? Or an update.

If it’s an approval issue, ,maybe there’s a PM or dev we can talk to to get introduced, explain our use case, etc?

Thanks in advance.

@will.zoom blink twice if GA is being announced on Monday at Zoomtopia and that’s why you can’t respond :wink:

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Still no reply. Bump for visibility & hope of acknowledgment

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Anyone know if this ended up getting announced during Zoomtopia? I didn’t see anything about it in the highlight / recap email yesterday.

They didn’t address it… will try to keep bumping this thread and maybe they will decide to reply.

This blog recap (Zoom Apps mentioned halfway down the article) makes it seem as though they are hand selecting App partners (between the Launch Partners and now Zoom Fund) to work closely with to ensure compatibility with all of the new functionality they’re planning to roll out (Immersive experience, expanding apps to webinar, mobile, etc.).

Starting to get pretty concerned that the GA is still a long way off. Really frustrating.

This thread has gone unacknowledged for nearly 2 weeks now - while newer threads routinely get fast response times.

Therefore I am pretty sure they have taken a decision to simply not acknowledge this, because eventually they will announce GA and functionally that’s the same as informing us.

Except it really isn’t - because chasing every day for an answer takes time and energy & a policy to not acknowledge the request feels pretty disrespectful & bad. :dizzy_face:

The various people on this thread are making a serious good-faith effort to participate with Zoom & how can they determine we’re not “worthwhile” of even a response without some kind of review of our plans & track record.

It’s likely that this isn’t within the control of the dev team, and it actually falls under a partner manager & that’s awkward for them to say to us - as they don’t want to give the appearance of criticizing another department. Therefore they just decide to ignore us each day.

Given the genuine helpful nature of the dev staff’s average response - I doubt they are purely not bothered to respond it’s likely hands are tied and it’s awkward to say that to us.

Hi @samdoeswork @johnpytel,

Thank you for sharing your feedback and for following up on this thread—our apologies for the delay, as things have been quite busy around here, but rest assured we are not intentionally ignoring your questions. :slight_smile:

While we’re making great progress on getting Zoom Apps ready for GA for developers, I’m afraid that we do not have a date to share quite yet. Zoom Apps are still in a closed beta for the moment while our Product and Engineering teams continue prepping for GA. We hope to have more details for you very shortly—please keep an eye out for further communications as we have them!