CRUD endpoints for interpreters on Zoom meetings+webinars

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Many organizations, including law firms, court houses, and medical facilities often do not have interpreters on staff and a result hire freelance talent. We, as a platform, recruit top interpreters who understand and are experts at simultaneous (on-the-fly) interpretation, which is offered through Zoom’s interpreter channels, but cannot access a user’s Zoom meetings via an API endpoint to allow users to seamlessly select interpreters, and add them to meetings, or originate Zoom meetings on the platform in order to add interpreters.

Likewise, we would like to see functionality such as if the meeting cancels the interpreter gets canceled too via our platform through a web hook from Zoom.

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We would like an API endpoint so users can SSO on the platform so users can CRUD interpreters via our platform.

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Alternatively, I help clients add interpreters they have selected through our platform via a phone call. Likwise, if the meeting cancels, I reach out to both parties via phone/email/text rather than enjoying automation

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