Meetings API does not support non-default languages for language interpretation

API Endpoint(s) and/or Zoom API Event(s)
post /users/{userId}/meetings

The API to configure language interpretation in meetings expects interpreter languages to be specified by a pair of country codes. But only country codes for the 9 default languages (English, Chinese, Japanese, etc) are supported. Entering a valid country code for a country that doesn’t speak a default language results in an error.

For example, the following interpreter declaration correctly creates an English to French interpreter in the meeting:

{"email": "", "languages": "US,FR"}

But the following declaration has an error (I expect an English to Vietnamese interpreter in the meeting):

{"email": "", "languages": "US,VN"}
{"code":300,"message":"Unsupported language in language_interpretation_settings: US,VN."}

On the other hand, the GUI for “custom languages” seems to use an internal mechanism that’s not available to the public API. I created two custom languages (one real, and one imaginary), then retrieved the user settings from users/{userId}/settings. The endpoint returned the following information:

  "custom_languages":["Vietnamese","Dummy Lang"],

The settings don’t imply a country code I can submit to the API, and trying to create a “US,VN” interpreter still doesn’t work even after adding that real language as a custom language.

Hi, I’d like to follow-up whether this is an intended discrepancy between the GUI for assigning language interpreters and the Meetings API for doing the same thing.

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