CSS flexbox markup for `WebSDK-sample-angular` project

Is anyone working on an Angular/Ionic project with the WebSDK? @tommy I put together another crack at CSS for containing Zoom inside a flexbox (see below). But I’m having problems catching the “joining meeting” screen because it flashes by so quickly.

Screen Shot 2020-09-25 at 8.16.55 AM

Not everything is working yet, (e.g. the chat window, font-sizes, etc), but here’s the repo. Has anyone got any further on this? Is an IFrame implementation a better solution?

## clone the repo and add your zoom credentials to try for yourself
export const environment = {
  production: false,
  zoom: {
    signatureEndpoint: '',
    apiKey: '',
    meetingNumber: 123456789,
    role: 0,
    leaveUrl: 'http://localhost:4200',
    userName: 'Angular',
    userEmail: '',
    passWord: '',

Hey @mlininkl,

Thanks for sharing this! The community will find this helpful! :slight_smile:

Maybe you could add a debugger stop line to catch the loading screen.

Also we do not suggest using the Web SDK inside an iFrame because we did not design it to work with iFrames, so some things may not work.



I’m still struggling to add zoom video to a flexbox that sits alongside my game page using the WebSDK. Building on angular instead of react may add to the difficulty. But even if I get it to work, it’s still not a fully functional Zoom session with GridView.

Rather than trying to put Zoom inside my webpage, would I have better luck putting my webpage inside Zoom with the newly announced ZApp API? When will that be made available to independent developers?

Hey @mlininkl,

The Web SDK has limited customization, so this will be hard to do.

That being said, we have released the new Customizable SDK which would be perfect for this use case, you can get started here:

Or, you can also look into building a Zapp. :slight_smile:

@tommy that’s great news. Can you tell me which option will have better odds of working in mobile - Web custom SDK or Zappa? Where should I invest my time?

Hey @mlininkl,

Well Zapps work inside the actual Zoom App, and the custom SDK are video and audio APIs that you can use inside your own app.

Does that make sense?


Hey @tommy,

I completed the signup forms for early access to both Zapps and the (Web) fully customizable SDK.

But in reviewing the Web customizable SDK, I notice that Browser Support does not include sending video/audio from IOS 13+ mobile devices. Will Zapps be supported on the IOS client?

What can you do to get me early access?

Hey @mlininkl,

Yes, Zapps will be supported on the iOS Client.

Our ISV team will be reviewing your submissions and you will hear back once you have access. :slight_smile:


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