I need help on @zoomus/websdk

I plan to create a Complete Video Website,
by Integrating Zoom Api

My Problem is that it keeps creating Zoom div

on top of everything else, and I can’t find the code where it is being created
any help?

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
it’s within WebSDK

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Create Angular Blank using angular CLI
  2. add your zoomMTG code.

Screenshots (If applicable)

This div is created whenever the web SDK is initialised… Somewhere, in one of your files you are initialising the SDK.

so it means I can move the div to other pages ?

or it has to be in the index?
weird since I didn’t initialize the SDK in the html

there was no such script that was loaded,

what I input is in the angular.json


sorry for double post, the post won’t let me embedd 2 Images in the post

Hey @use142007,

When you import the Web SDK it will display itself in a div over your web page. Here is a good example of how to show and hide it when you want:

Thanks for your suggestions @alexmayo! :slight_smile:


yes, my issue is that I can’t move that div, to place it anyway in my other pages ?

I’m kind of using angular right now,

My problem is that I want it to move to other places

I’m not familiar with Angular, however currently I have the Zoom element set up in an iframe, which allows me to place it wherever I’d like. It’s not officially supported but it does work perfectly.

Hey @use142007,

The sample angular app is intended to be implemented in its entirety as a full web app. While you might consider @alexmayo suggestion, do keep in mind that it’s not something we officially support, but could be a workaround for you.


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