Current limitations on number of concurrent sessions and videos per session

I am investigating a possible migration from a different platform provider and have difficulty clarifying the following from the documentation, code examples and forum discussions. I would like to have clarity on the following two possible limitations:

Concurrent Sessions

The app has a requirement to be able to move participants from a full gathering to breakout groups and from there to smaller sessions and then all return together to the bigger session. I anticipate achieving this by keeping the main session chat channel concurrent with breakout sessions and use it for signalling session switching. Can anyone confirm that one can have at least three concurrent clients? There is nothing in the references that suggests this is not possible.

Participant count limitations

I could not find a definitive upper limit to how many participants can join a session. There are notes about viewing all these participants, for example the official guide says

the SDK can only render 9 videos at the same time

I assume this means that one can render a paged gallery view with up to 9 participants per page or is there a different way to stream a bigger item count per page where, say the gallery is stitched together on Zoom’s servers and streamed as one video to the session client?

In April Gallery view was announced, but I could not find any example code. Can anyone point me to it?

The api’s look really elegant and powerful and I hope we can get clarity on these things and start coding soon!

Hey @JannieT

Thanks for your feedback.

Concurrent Sessions, I guess you want the breakout room feature, you can submit a feature request and we may support it in the future release.

Participant count limitations Up to 9 participants rendered per page is mandatory. Consider the performance of the browser, more than 9 videos will cause high CPU and memory usage.

Refer to sample-app-videosdk/react-demo at master · zoom/sample-app-videosdk · GitHub , we provide a react sample app to demonstrate how to render videos in gallery view layout.


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