Currently talking meeting participant

The Zoom client displays who is currently talking. Is this information available via the REST API?

At the end of the meeting, can we get a report on how much time each participant spent talking?




At this time we do not have the features that you requested. But we will notify our engineering team about your request and they can consider adding these features in later releases.


Thanks for the follow-up.

Just wanted to point out that I also need this, but I have a case that might be compelling.

If you can track when a person starts and stops talking, and if you can mute them using the API, you could implement systems like Robert’s Rules of Order. This would make Zoom much more useful for certain kinds of organizations where large numbers of people are trying to get complicated things done with binding votes, etc. And that’s the need that I have.

Government, board meetings, etc could all greatly benefit from this.

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Hey @brianm,

Thanks for your interest in this feature.

You can currently mute users with our SDKs.

You could also use the Zoom Webinar format, and allow certain people to talk at certain times.


Any progress on this? This would be vital in these times when so many more of us are remote to ensure equitable meetings.

Hey @cc.emeraldeyes,

Not with the APIs, but with the SDKs yes (except for the Web SDK.)

Feel free to add this as a feature request here: #feature-requests