custCreate accounts and native windows SDK

Trying to join meeting with custCreate account.

Attempt #1 (StartParam)
StartParam params;
params.userType = SDK_UT_APIUSER;
auto &api_user_params = params.param.apiuserStart;
api_user_params.meetingNumber = meeting_number;
api_user_params.userID = user_id;
api_user_params.userToken = user_token; // NOT ZAK
api_user_params.userName = user_name;

Joins as anonymous (bogus values can be provided in place of user_id and user_token) - while expected to join as custCreate user (custCreate user has our avatar set, while anonymous is not). This will fail if host requires user to be logged in or if user requires password

Attempt #2 (StartParam - without login)
StartParam params;
params.userType = SDK_UT_WITHOUT_LOGIN;
params.param.withoutloginStart.userID = user_id;
params.param.withoutloginStart.userZAK = ZAK;
params.param.withoutloginStart.userToken = user_token;
params.param.withoutloginStart.zoomuserType = ZoomUserType_APIUSER;
params.param.withoutloginStart.meetingNumber = meeting_number;
params.param.withoutloginStart.userName = user_name;

Joins as a custCreate user - great success. We are able to join meeting which requires us to be logged in. Still will not work for meeting which requires password.

Attempt #3 (JoinParam)
JoinParam params;
params.userType = SDK_UT_APIUSER; // Same happens for SDK_UT_WITHOUT_LOGIN
auto& api_user_params = params.param.apiuserJoin;
api_user_params.meetingNumber = meeting_number;
api_user_params.userName = user_name;
api_user_params.toke4enfrocelogin = ZAK;
api_user_params.psw = meeting_password;

Not able to join meeting which requires user to be authenticated (which implies it tries to join as anonymous even though ZAK is provided).

The last one should suffice to cover all possible scenarios (waiting room, password protected meetings, requirement on authenticated users), but it plain and simple does not work.

Which version?
4.x 5.x Windows SDK

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Hi Bogdan,

Thanks for the post and pardon the late reply. Your attempt #3 should be the desired way, and the param.userType should be SDK_UT_WITHOUT_LOGIN, and the token4enforcelogin is the ZAK token. If it is still not working ,could you provide the SDK log so that we could further investigate?