Tracking guest participants


we are developing an LMS and we are looking for a way to measure the meeting duration for guest participants who are registered on our app but do not have a Zoom account. We prefer not to rely on something they write/edit themselves (like their name).

Is there a way to provide a custom id as an additional parameter at the end of joinUrl, that is returned as the user id when requesting the meeting participant report later via the API? Like an id that gets returned in this field (or a similar field), instead of leaving it blank:

id: Universally unique identifier of the Participant. It is the same as the User ID of the participant if the participant joins the meeting by logging into Zoom. If the participant joins the meeting without logging in, the value of this field will be blank.

As an alternative, is there a way to get the user_id (described as “Participant ID. This is a unique ID assigned to the participant joining a meeting and is valid for that meeting only.”) of the user that just clicked the joinUrl on our app, so that we can correlate our database user id with your user_id? Maybe the meeting.participant_joined webhook can return a custom id, provided with the joinUrl?

Thank you

Hi @stephen2 ,

We return those values you identified for logged in Zoom users. This is the primary way that those values will persist. In order to access that information, you would need to require only authenticated users join, but then they would not be “guest participants” any more.

Alternatively, what’s outlined here is your next best bet:,guest%20when%20using%20this%20feature.


Hi @gianni.zoom ,

thanks for answering. Reading the article you linked it looks like that flag is a way to know if a user joining a meeting is a guest or not, but it does not provide any additional means to track them individually (we still wouldn’t know which guest participant corresponds to a specific user of our own platform). Did I get it wrong?


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