Custom HTML/Javascript/PHP/etc zoom meeting website


I work with clients in individual coaching and have been using my mobile phone as a kind of additional “monitor” for some time now by attaching it above my laptop camera with a magnetic mobile phone holder and here I can see the client’s face and look into the camera at the same time.

Unfortunately, what doesn’t work in the normal Zoom app is to permanently fix a video and continue to show this video even when a screen is being shared.

What I want now is to create my own page with HTML/Javascript/PHP/etc., with which I can enter the meeting via the mobile phone and permanently keep the video of the participant with the name X in focus.

What I have found so far is this:
GitHub - zoom/meetingsdk-javascript-sample: Use the Zoom Meeting SDK in (vanilla) JavaScript, which I assume will no longer work as support for JWT based apps ends on 1 September.

I have some experience with programming code and what I’m looking for now exactly are forum posts, code samples, tutorials, etc. that I can work with to implement this custom zoom website. I haven’t worked as a zoom dev before and I’m having a hard time getting a good overview and finding suitable resources.

Has anyone an idea and resources for me?