Custom Question Integration with Salesforce

This may be a very basic question/fix, but I have Zoom and Salesforce linked via the marketplace apps on both ends. The integration is seamless and works well. The only issue, however, is that I am unsure how to populate fields on Salesforce with the responses of CUSTOM question responses on Zoom RSVP surveys. Any tips/ideas how I can do that?

Which App?
Zoom/Salesforce Integration App

Thanks for your help.

Hey @rafael5,

Happy to help! To confirm, when you say RSVP surveys are you referring to Custom Registration Questions?


Hi Tommy,

Thanks for responding so quick. Yes, that is what I’m referring to!

Thanks for confirming @rafael5!

I am double checking to see if this is currently supported. (ZOOM-221889) I will get back to you soon.


Hey @rafael5,

Unfortunately this is not currently supported. We do have this feature request already in our backlog, but we do not have a timeline yet.


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