Support Needed: Zoom Webinar NOT creating Campaigns on Salesforce

Hello! I am attempting to integrate Zoom with Salesforce, but the Zoom Webinar integration is not creating campaigns for new Zoom Webinars created.

My Zoom username is: consu----
My SF username is: sara—
Under the configuration, I checked everything under the Zoom Webinar Settings.

I tried to email the developer email address, but it directed me to the forum, and it doesn’t appear as though there are any forum posts on this topic created after 2022. Help is appreciated. Thank you!

Hi @consultant
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum and welcome to our community!
Are you still experiencing this issue?

Hi Elisa! We are. Are you able to support us in resolving this? Thank you!

Hi @consultant
could you please point me to the Integration you are using please

Hi Elisa –

We are using the Salesforce Config app.

hi @consultant
Any of these apps?

Hi Elisa - -

Apologies, I’ve been out sick this past week. We did add the Zoom for Salesforce app: App Marketplace

Hi Elisa – Just following up on my last message. Hope you are well—thank you!

Sorry for the late reply here @consultant
let me take a closer look

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