Custom screen size for screen share android sdk

Is it possible to capture only the desired screen of device instead of the whole device screen? I want to capture only the custom screen (Ex 720 *1280) instead of the whole android device screen (Ex 1080 * 2208). If it possible in Zoom android SDK please let me know.

Hi @nitin.thakor, thanks for using our SDK.

You can share a view by creating a MobileRTCShareView and passing it into InMeetingShareController#startShareViewContent(). Depending on your use case, there may be an easier way of accomplishing what you’re looking for. Definitely check out our screen share documentation to see what’s available.


I am successfully able to share the screen using InMeetingShareController#startShareViewContent() and view it on a remote screen. But it is sharing the whole device screen. but I just want to share only a specif view of my screen instead of the whole screen. Is there any method available in SDK to change the capture size of the screen? if it is possible let me know.

Hi @nitin.thakor, thanks for following up on this.

Can you please provide code snippets showing where the view is defined and where you are calling into the startShareViewContent method?


Thank you for Quick response here is my code.

LinearLayout ll = new LinearLayout(getContext());
LinearLayout.LayoutParams llP = new LinearLayout.LayoutParams(1080,1920);
TextView textView = new TextView(getContext());
textView.setText(“Nitin Thakor”);


i am not able to add my Custom LinearLayout to mInMeetingShareController.startShareViewContent(ll);

Here ll is View that i want to show on Remote screen but i am not able to add it.
Because it only accept MobileRTCShareView and i am not able to add any Custom view to that class it has only few predefined view. So if there is any possibilities of how to share custom view let me know.

Hi @nitin.thakor, thanks for the additional information.

Currently the only way to share a specific view is by passing in an instance of the MobileRTCShareView as you have mentioned. If this view does not meet your needs, you are welcome to post over in #feature-requests and we will make note of your desired behavior.