Custome live stream - I am able to zoom Live meeting on my wordpress page via youtube but no meeting button

how i can do live meetings at my wordpress page ? with complete buttons like microphone, video, invite, manage participants, share, chat, record, closed caption, breakout rooms, more and end/exit meeting ?

i have configured the custom live stream

i managed to live stream via youtube on my wordpress page but without all the buttons, so i cannot communicate and talk to my audience

please assist.

Thank you


Let me know if you have any questions. You can also refer to the Web SDK forum for more related questions and info:

Thank you.

We would like to have Meetings on our membership wordpress page. Meaning only paid members can access that specific paid page.

In that specific paid page for members, we can have zoom live meetings.

How can all our paid members access & log in into their zoom account at this paid wordpress page ?
By the way, the members must first log in into our wordpress page.
After that only paid members are allowed to access the member page, where they can zoom meeting at the member page.

We dont want just paste the custome live stream zoom link. Because our members cannot have the zoom buttons like microphone, video, share, chat, record, breakout room, exit/leave meetings etc.

How can we make that happen in our paid members page ?

Thank you

Hello @FREEDOM_Empire_Agenc,

There’s no straightforward way for members to login into their Zoom account using the wordpress page unless you do some custom integration mostly on your side.

When someone signs up on your site you can take their email and call the create-a-userAPI and store their Zoom info. From then, after they login again you can use their Zoom account ID to make other API calls.