Zoom Video Conferencing Integration on WordPress

Zoom Video Conferencing on WordPress:

It’s finally here now, I have been working on this for past few weeks, this plugin enables direct integration of the most powerful video conferencing tool, Zoom with WordPress. You can create your Zoom meetings directly from the WordPress dashboard and conduct meetings directly on your WordPress site by simply using a shortcode.

More details here: https://elearningevolve.com/products/wordpress-zoom-addon/

P.S: Its FREE :smiley:

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Hey @adeelraza77!

This is great! Thanks for contributing to the Zoom and Wordpress communities and integrations! :slight_smile:


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I am just now sure how to submit this integration to Zoom so they could list that along with other integrations

Hey @adeelraza77,

It looks like you are using our Web SDK or embedding Zoom into an iFrame. Only Zoom OAuth Apps and Chatbots can be published to the Zoom App Marketplace.