Customer Issue Notifications are sent to a wrong email

We have a Native MacOS Meeting SDK application that was registered/created on Zoom Marketplace by a developer in our company. Recently I have updated the Developer Contact Information to my name and my email and this updated information is indeed displayed when editing that application. This was not an application transfer, we just updated the emails but it’s still the same company and the same email domain.

Our application is not published on Marketplace yet. When testing OAuth integration we were trying to use an external Zoom account and we noticed that when QA person clicks “Contact the developer” Customer Issue Notifications are not sent to my email that is shown on the webpage. Instead these Notifications are sent to the email of the original developer who created the application and whose email was stored before.

I assume that email was not properly updated in your database and I am worried that in the same way other critical notifications may be sent to a wrong email address, so please help me with this issue, update the email to the current one. If needed I can provide the details in some kind of private messages.


Hi @andrew.sosna ,

Can you please submit a support ticket with your credentials (both emails), app id and production client id and they will look into this further for you :slight_smile:


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