Customised confirmation email

I have a meeting with 100+ people whom I need to confirm their identity for attendance recording purpose. To streamline this process, I plan to use a customised link: zoommtg://{meetingID}&uname={name}&pwd={password} to restrict their zoom user name to the name they sign up with.

My question is, is it possible customise the confirmation email to send a customised message? Ideally I want to embed answers from custom questions directly into the join zoom link. It seems that there are already parameters such as [Meeting Topic] , [User Name] and [Join Link] which might make this possible.

If not, will it be possible to remove the join zoom link and send another url instead? I can then direct the user to my own website where I can ask them a few questions and generate the link dynamically.

I realize that I can probably make my own web app to do the registration via zoom api and send a customised email myself, but this is a once off event that is not worth the trouble.

Hey @ch_qin,

Currently you can only customize the text of the email via the Zoom Web Portal. Is this for a meeting or webinar?

If you want to customize the email further, you can disable the registration confirmation email via API or Web Portal Settings, and send a custom email after a user registers via a service like